Top Genesis Child Themes For April 2012

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April 2012 is all about responsive web design as all the top 10 best seller Genesis Child Themes have responsive web designs. The explosion of mobile devices has paved way for Premium WordPress Theme designers to rethink their strategy. Almost all Premium WP Themes released lately have responsive web design. It’s therefore not surprising that the best themes for Genesis Framework this April is dominated by child themes with responsive design. Without further ado, here are the best selling child themes this month of April:

Balance WordPress Theme

balance child theme, balance themeBalance Child Theme for the Genesis Framework is April’s best performing Genesis child theme. It has been viewed and downloaded the most last month and frankly, I’m not surprised. Appreciated for its minimalist design, clean and intelligent use of white space, Balance Child Theme is one of my personal favorites. Balance Theme is ideal when you want to capture emails for affiliate marketing purposes. It has a well-placed subscription form that your visitors can’t help but notice. You just need to entice them a little bit by offering them free ebooks or something. Just be creative!


Streamline 2.0 WordPress Theme

streamline 2.0, streamline child themeEquipped with a refreshing new look and design, Streamline WordPress Theme is going to rock your world. Together with one of the world’s most powerful WordPress framemworks – Genesis, Streamline Child Theme has been re-coded and redesigned to respond to various mobile devices. Now you won’t have to worry about messed-up design when your website is viewed on devices with lower pixel and smaller screens – Streamline will adjust its design accordingly. Like Balance Theme, Streamlin Child Theme is powerful at capturing emails from your visitors. Check the design and see for yourself why.


Driskill WordPress Theme

driskill child theme, driskill themeMost Magazine WordPress Themes have non-responsive web designs, such that when it is viewed on mobile devices with smaller screens, scroll down/up and left/right is required in order to view the entire design. Frankly, no one is happy to do that and so, you will just end up alienating your visitors using mobile devices to view your website. Driskill WordPress Theme, a child theme for the Genesis Framework has been created with a responsive web design. Did I tell you it’s a magazine-style WordPress Theme?


Generate WordPress Theme

generate child theme, generate themeGenerate more email subscribers with the Generate WordPress Theme, a child theme created for the Genesis Framework. Powered by WordPress and Genesis, Generate Theme helps you acquire more email subscriptions with its well-placed subscription form prominently and strategically displayed on the upper fold of its design. If email marketing, which undoubtedly is still the most powerful online marketing strategy, is important to you, then Generate Child Theme can certainly help. It’s also created with a responsive web design so that you’re confident that it looks organized regardless of the mobile device used to access your website.


Optimal WordPress Theme

optimal theme, optimal chidl themeReleased just after Easter, Optimal WordPress Theme is another Genesis Child Theme with a responsive web design. It’s also got an image slider that automatically resizes once it has detected that it’s being viewed with a device with smaller screen. Optimal is a an impressive portfolio or corporate WordPress theme. If you want a great frame to exhibit your photographs, Optimal Child Theme is just about what you need. Powered by WordPress and the Genesis Framework, your website will even stand-out when it’s framed by Optimal Theme. Use Optimal on your business website and you won’t be disappointed, and your visitors too.


Agency 2.0 WordPress Theme

agency 2.0, agency theme, agency child themeAgency WordPress Theme has gone through major design and coding changes to give you more than the usual. Agency now has a responsive web design so you won’t have to worry about alienating your readers with a messed up design when your website is viewed on mobile devices. Agency Child Theme for Genesis comes with a responsive content slider that helps you feature more of your content. At the moment, you will rarely find Premium WordPress Themes using image sliders that have responsive design.


Mocha 2.0 WordPress Theme

mocha 2.0, mocha child theme, mocha themeMocha WordPress Theme sounds delicious and it really does. It’s one of the most beautiful Genesis Child Themes that I’m sure you’d agree. The design alone will leave you wanting for more. Mocha 2.0 Child Theme for the Genesis Framework has a responsive web design giving you the confidence that your website will look good no matter where it is viewed upon. Mocha 2.0 has been released recently by StudioPress in an attempt to recode and redesign their existing Genesis Child Themes and make their web designs responsive.


(in)SPYR WordPress Theme

(in)SPYR child theme, (in)SPYR themeAnother impressive Genesis Child Theme that has got a responsive web design is (in)SPYR. Created by Spyr Media, (in)SPYR WordPress Theme aims to provide you with Magazine WordPress Theme with a responsive design. You’d admire (in)SPYR Theme because of it’s craftsmanship, beauty and style. Chances are, if you are using a Magazine style WP theme, that it looks ugly when viewed on a mobile device with a small screen. You wouldn’t want this to happen, especially that studies show that a messed up design causes high bounce rate. Using (in)SPYR WordPress Theme helps you make sure that you give your visitors a good viewing experience – on their desktop, laptop, tablets or cellphones.


Focus 2.0 WordPress Theme

focus 2.0, focus child themeFocus 2.0 is another powerful Genesis Child Theme that will help you capture more emails from your visitors. Its prominently displayed email subscription form is located at the upper right of its sidebar, perfect for grabbing attention. More importantly, Focus 2.0 is a recoded/ redesigned version of 1.0 to make its design responsive and refreshing. StudioPress has done a great job at giving Focus Child Theme a facelift. Focus WordPress Theme is recommended as an Affiliate WordPress Theme or a personal Blog WordPress Theme. Its clean and simple design will highlight your content and give it the attention it deserves.


Eleven40 WordPress Theme

eleven40 child theme, eleven40 theme, eleven forty child theme, eleven forty themeWordPress users looking for a theme for their personal blogs will certainly find Eleven40 WordPress Theme – the ONE! Eleven40 has got, not only a clean and functional design but a responsive design as well. That should take away the worry of alienating your readers when they see your messed-up web design. Since Eleven40 Theme is designed by StudioPress and uses the Genesis Framework, you can be damn sure that your website is fully optimized for search engines. Moreover, you get to benefit from the added features and functionality that comes with Genesis like easy customization and SEO capabilities. As the saying goes, why settle for less when you can have the best.


In case you are still looking for Genesis Child Themes with responsive web design, you can take a look at Production WordPress Theme, Prose WordPress Theme and Decor WordPress Theme.

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