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Agency 2.0 Child Theme For Genesis Framework

Agency 2.0 Child Theme For Genesis Framework

Agency 2.0 Child Theme for the Genesis Framework is the sixth Genesis Child Theme that has been re-designed to be more mobile responsive. In other words, you won't have to worry about how your website will look when viewed in different browsers or screen sizes. The other five that have been upgraded are Balance, eleven40, Focus, Generate and Streamline. The StudioPress team are working really hard to make sure all their child themes are mobile r


Eleven40 Child Theme For Genesis Framework

Eleven40 Child Theme For Genesis Framework

We've seen tremendous growth in mobile technology over the past two years. And so, the large number of mobile phone users with web searching capabilities cannot be ignored. For the same reason, websites are redesigned, adjusted and modified to ensure that they are responsive when viewed on a mobile phone. Eleven40 Child Theme for the Genesis Framework is created for this purpose. I'm sure you will agree that Eleven40's design is clean, simple a


Quattro Child Theme for Genesis Framework

Quattro Child Theme for Genesis Framework

The 13th theme to be developed with mobile responsiveness by StudioPress is the Quattro Child Theme for Genesis Framework.  This theme gives a vintage look but with modern features and a classic layout. Quattro Wordpress Theme features an un-cluttered layout, and superb design features which make this theme the perfect theme for any blogger or magazine website wishing to have a lot of content displayed in an easy to read fashion.  The Qua


News Child Theme For Genesis Framework

News Child Theme For Genesis Framework

You have a lot to say and you want to say it in class and style but you need the perfect Premium WordPress Theme to do this for you. News Child Theme for the Genesis Framework is your perfect choice. It's got featured areas that let you publish articles, images and videos on different areas your website. News Theme's custom widgets support the same features for convenient and further customizations. News WordPress Theme is powered by Genesis F


Lifestyle Child Theme For Genesis Framework

Lifestyle Child Theme For Genesis Framework

Lifestyle Child Theme for the Genesis Framework has made online publishing stylish, convenient and easy. Lifestyle is a powerful magazine style WordPress theme packed with kick-ass functionality and incredible flexibility. Lifestyle Theme is also loaded with amazing layouts and intelligent design choices that let you publish texts, videos, images and everything in between. Lifestyle WordPress Theme is one of the best selling Genesis Child Them


Top 10 Genesis Child Themes For March

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The month of March has been a month of Corporate WordPress Themes. Our best selling Genesis Child Themes this monthly are dominated by Corporate WordPress Themes. Again, it has been a very profitable month but the increase in sales compared to February has been minimal. Without further ado, here are the Top 10 Best Selling Genesis Child Themes for March 2012:

legacy child theme 270 Top 10 Genesis Child Themes For MarchLegacy Child Theme

Legacy Child Theme is what you use when you want to impress your visitors. It’s a clean Corporate WordPress Theme that has got all the essentials of an impressive professional frame. Legacy Theme is our best seller for March, which didn’t come as a surprise because it’s definitely a stand in the crowd theme. While it’s built for corporate websites, Legacy Theme can also be used to frame your portfolio and photography sites. It’s also easy to customize so you can be creative and transform it into a Magazine WordPress Theme.

CLICK HERE to Download Legacy Theme Now

corporate child theme 270 Top 10 Genesis Child Themes For MarchCorporate Child Theme

Next on the list is Corporate Child Theme for Genesis Framework. It’s a sleek Corporate WordPress Theme, which just like Legacy, has got all the rings and bells to get your corporate site going. Corporate WordPress Themes don’t need to have a complicated and fancy design but must allow you to present the basic information about your company – Corporate Theme has done a great job in this area. While Corporate Child Theme 2.0 is about to be launched, an effort by StudioPress to make all Genesis Child Themes have a responsive design, it’s still managed to be one of the best sellers this month.

CLICK HERE to Download Corporate Theme Now

executive child theme 270 Top 10 Genesis Child Themes For MarchExecutive Child Theme

The name alone gives you an idea that Executive Child Theme is a Corporate WordPress Theme. Like Legacy and Corporate Theme, Executive has got a simple design ideal in presenting the vital information about your company. The front-page has got a section for your welcome message or a quick info on your company. It’s also got an image section where you can use to leave an impression. It could be your corporate logo, a picture of your building or a shot of the inside of your office. Just below the welcome message are four column premium space that you can use to showcase the most important information about your company. It could be your about page, your mission and vision, nature of business etc.

CLICK HERE to Download Executive Theme Now

agency 2 270 Top 10 Genesis Child Themes For MarchAgency 2.0 Child Theme

Agency 2.0 is a responsive Corporate WordPress Theme designed and created for companies and agencies. It’s built to impress and projects the right image to your visitors – that you are a legitimate and successful company. Agency Child Theme is a break from the usual “formalish” and bland corporate theme design. The sliding featured post on the homepage allows for more content to be showcased without having to alienate your readers. The three column below the slider are premium locations for your about page, nature of business, vision-mission, products and services etc.

CLICK HERE to Download Agency 2.0 Theme Now

maximum child theme 270 Top 10 Genesis Child Themes For MarchMaximum Child Theme

Maximum Theme is one of my favorite Genesis Child Themes. Not all of you know but we also install WordPress and WordPress themes for our clients and Maximum Child Theme has been one of the top choices. In fact, we have used Maximum Child Theme to frame our corporate website. Maximum’s simplicity, formality and sliding featured posts are the main reasons why it’s one of the most preferred Corporate WordPress Theme. Moreover, Maximum Child Theme can be used to frame your personal blogs, business and portfolio websites. It’s the perfect theme if you are building your personal brand because it’s easy to customize to fit your preference and taste.

CLICK HERE to Download Maximum Theme Now

enterprise child theme 270 Top 10 Genesis Child Themes For MarchEnterprise Child Theme

Enterprise Theme is a consistent top performer. It’s also one of the most good looking Corporate WordPress Themes. Its light layout and inviting design accost your visitors with a warm welcome. In contrast to most corporate themes, Enterprise Child Theme is pleasantly colorful and has got a crispy and clean design. First impression lasts and with your WordPress site wearing Enterprise Theme, you will definitely leave a long lasting experience to your visitors. The ease in navigation allows your readers to browse though pages of your websites easily giving their whole experience a pleasant one. Enterprise is not only built to impress but its also infused with functionality that will benefit both you and your readers.

CLICK HERE to Download Enterprise Theme Now

metric child theme 270 Top 10 Genesis Child Themes For MarchMetric Child Theme

Another consistent top performing child theme for the Genesis Framework is Metric. It’s got one of the cleanest and most pleasant design amongst all the Genesis Child Themes. The colors work in harmony to create a long lasting impression that re-enhances your brand. Metric Child Theme delivers a warm new media professionalism to your visitors. Its sliding feature post allows you to present more information about your company with the aide of your best graphics/images. The three column and four column premium content locations below the slider are best for presenting your about page, company introduction, business undertakings, clients, vision and missions and whatever vital company information you wish to share.

CLICK HERE to Download Metric Theme Now

production child theme 270 Top 10 Genesis Child Themes For MarchProduction Child Theme

Production Child Theme is the only non Corporate WordPress Theme that managed to enter the top 10 of our best seller for the month of March. Production is a Genesis Child Theme that can be used to frame your Video WordPress sites. It’s equipped with cutting edge technology that will give your video site a boost. Its intelligent design and point and click color options help you customize your website to your heart’s content. The prominent navigation allows your visitors to go through pages of your website with ease and comfort giving them a pleasant visit.

CLICK HERE to Download Production Theme Now

associate child theme 270 Top 10 Genesis Child Themes For MarchAssociate Child Theme

Associate Child Theme is the highest grosser of all times. Back in November 2011 when we have launched Deluxe WordPress Themes, the first theme we sold is Associate Theme. We have probably sold more Associate Child Theme than any other Genesis Child Theme on our directory. Quite frankly, I’m not surprised. Associate Theme is definitely professional looking, neat, innovative and more advanced that any other Corporate WordPress Themes. It’s the WordPress Theme to pick when you care about your brand, identity and image – assuming you want nothing but the best. Click the link below to take a peek at Associate Child Theme.

CLICK HERE to Download Associate Theme Now

cre8tive burst child theme 270 Top 10 Genesis Child Themes For MarchCre8tive Burst Child Theme

Cre8tive Burst Child Theme is what you should use if you want to stay away from the usual corporate themes – formal and bland. Cre8tive Burst Theme is colorful but it’s got a powerful design coupled with great features that you will definitely love. Cre8tive’s multiple color scheme is another reason why it is becoming a top pick for a Corporate WordPress Theme. The edgy look and the kick-ass features will no doubt bring your WordPress site to the next level. Plus, it’s been designed by Eight Crazy Design, which is one of the best and most recognized WordPress Theme developers, so you can be assured it’s got top notch coding.

CLICK HERE to Download Cre8tive Burst Theme Now

So what do you think? Any of the Genesis Corporate Child Themes that you think should be on the list? Well, basically the result is based on our sales so these weren’t hand picked or anything. But yes, feel free to leave your comment. Thank you for visiting.

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